Amplixx Review

Amplixx Review


Phone: +44 718 404 9362

Address: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, P.O.Box 1510, Kingstown , St. Vincent and the Grenadines


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  1. $150,000 gone in two snaps.
    If it wasn’t for a neighbor who told me about how her colleague at work got ripped and subsequently refunded with the task force of ECB, I think we’d be close to being homeless.

  2. They are not trustworthy and cannot be trusted, it took the help of pìersleyserve for me to get a full refund.

  3. Forex scammers from the Amplixx office (Amplix) at, ([email protected]) swindle large sums of money from their clients. Broker Amplixx is blacklisted, scammers are looking for people through social networks, making phone calls, trying to find a fool who will entrust them with tens of thousands of rubles, believing in promises over the phone. And you should never believe in earnings that are imposed on you by phone. How such scammers operate, they include background noise, such as they are in the office, work is in full swing there, everything is moving and you are persuaded to deposit several hundred dollars into the account, such as you will receive training from them for free, you will be allocated an analyst and will help increase your money.
    In fact, they slip a fake office, you can’t get through to their numbers yourself, just write to their mail and wait for them to call. As a rule, the first deposit helps them to cling more tightly to the client, each new telephone conversation helps them to make a more detailed psychological portrait of how financially literate the client is and how much more money can be pulled out of him. There are no real trades on the Amplixx trading platform, scammers paint charts, create shows, at some point you will be told to collect money and deposit several thousand dollars to play big. Such a big game will end in a big failure, you want to withdraw your money, but instead you will continue to be swindled out of even larger sums. In fact, forex scammers, are blackmailing with money already invested, demanding to pay fictitious insurance and commissions. Do not believe not a single word they say, they themselves will not return the money, in any case do not send them copies of your documents, you need to contact the payment operator who accepted the money in their favor.

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