Ashridge Vehicles Review

Ashridge Vehicles Review


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Little Gaddesden

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We are a family-run business with over 20 years’ experience in all aspects of the motor trade. You’ll find a range of quality used cars that have been handpicked from around the country, with unique specifications and desirable features. We pride ourselves in providing a welcoming and personal experience to our customers’. Our experienced sales team will guide you through the buying process and help tailor the best deal to suit your requirements.

We are one of the largest independent Jaguar & Land Rover specialist in the UK, with over 50 JLR products in stock at any one time. Whether it be a sports model or SUV, we have something to suit you. Every one of our vehicles goes through a meticulous mechanical inspection which includes an ECU scan and thorough road test.

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  1. Purchased a car, few items to be sorted prior to collection, which was pointed out at the time of sale, (deposit), scratches, service, and valet. Upon collection the car was positioned in such a way with the door open and engine running so if to suggest I drive away but noticed that the scratches had not done and also not valeted. I later found that the car had an oil service and the book was stamped although the diesel filter appeared not to have been changed. When asked to do the scratches their attitude changed completely and they stopped talking to me. Repair man came out with some T Cut he also didn’t speak but muttered a lot, used the T Cut which anyone could have done and a paint pen, which didn’t do the job at all, and it looked horrible. All this time I was just left waiting in the forecourt and even when the car was supposedly ready I was not informed it was left with the key in so I drove away. Although the car appeared to be OK I was surprised about the issues outstanding as this was not a cheap car it was 13K. Because of this I would not recommended these to anyone. Their customer service skills need to be carefully looked at although once they have your money I don’t suppose this matters. Think very carefully about if this is the company you would like to use as I can vouch that I would not use these or recommend to anyone.

  2. I purchased a car from this place about 3 months ago. When I was being shown the car everyone was all smiles and couldn’t do more to help. Once money was handed over everything changed! The young lady there is extremely rude and not helpful at all. This is a customer facing job you cannot treat people like that. I have had many issues with the car since which have not be rectified by this place at all so I have given up trying! AVIOD LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!!!!!

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