Binance Review

Binance Review


Buy, trade and store over 350 cryptocurrencies on Binance

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  1. Binance has been holding my assets hostage for over a month “due to risk management”. I have provided Binance with plethora of information, but they have not released my assets

  2. Frankly, I am very happy with them, tons of coins to trade, good interface, fast deposits

  3. Binance is nothing more than a glorified bank with subpar services. It has been extremely difficult to use their app.

  4. just trying to link your card is the worst experience ever holy you need to know some like hacker binary code of your bank just to buy something online

  5. Binance is the Best crypto exchange,wallat,bank im using
    Enyone can learn trading from acadamy of binance
    Any type of crypto trade, saving, staking (like FD) can do in binance.

  6. Fraud fraud one word fraud.

    If you want to get ripped (f) off then invest in binance.

    I got ripped off (f)

  7. Binance is the worst of them all. Their algorithim is meant to make you lose money no matter how you trade. A bunch of thieves in suits.

  8. At first I thought the app was really cool and very easy to use.. my problem is I cannot withdraw my money from biance back to my bank account. I keep getting this message that says ” you temporarily can’t withdraw these recently deposited funds and assets bought with these funds. You can review the length of this restriction in your deposit’s transaction details ”
    Well I have looked everywhere for this. I’ve tried troubleshooting to find this. I’ve even asked the internet to show me. Turns out it’s nowhere to be found.. so now I have funds in an app that I can’t get back. So really what’s the point in buying anything from these people if you can’t even get back a fraction of what you’ve put in. I’ve given this 5 days now. And am reverting to writing this review so other don’t make the same mistake I did

  9. Well, I must say it works simple and trading fees are low and transaction of crypto are compared to other exchanges quite low, when u send to other external wallets also.
    Which is good and fair to their users including myself.

    But, till today I was not informed why my credit-card was canceled & I don’t get a new one.
    Even the support just stated, „ due to certain reason“
    They never said what are the reasons.

    The funny thing is, that I never used it actually.

    So that’s kind of embarrassing for such a huge company.
    Bad support-chat on their platform.

    Thats why I just give u a 3-Star review, based on bad customer complaints handling.


  10. Binance is a total scam. I bought some Ethereum with my Mastercard but then was unable to sell Ethereum by withdrawing it to my Mastercard. They collected all my personal information, are violating the GDPR and if I would like to delete my account including all personal information I would need to provide a screenshot of my Computer Setup. This Chinese company is by far the worst I have ever experienced and I really do love crypto but I recommand everyone to avoid this scam company. Binance is total crap! They even refused deleting my account data violating any privacy policy of the world. Latest news: they even paid Cristiano Ronaldo to make advertisements for this scam of a company flagging my review for advertising. Stupid fools.

  11. overall good experience, i have been using binance since last year and i am happy with its services, easy payment and deposit options, customer care has to be improved more

  12. Binance used to be good before but now, Binance is a A VERY DANGEROUS SCAM ❌❌
    Beware! Binance stole many people’s money on Dec. 2022 and they’re complaining about it.
    A lot of people have lost their money on Dec.2022 in Binance.
    Yesterday I deposited 515.180328GMT into my Binance account but Binance withheld my coin. After I provide them with the TxID, They confirmed from the blockchain explorer that the transaction was successful and now they’re saying I must pay them 500 BUSD before they will release my 515.180328GMT which is not up to $100 worth.
    This is my TxID:
    I will close my account if Binance refused to release my coin because I can’t afford to be losing my money and even the borrowed ones.

  13. While trading, my account was suddenly blocked for all Euro transactions, without prior warning. Not only can’t I trade in Euro anymore, I can no longer withdraw the thousands of Euros I have on the platform which are now essentially held hostage by Binance. Customer support conveniently puts all blame on their payment provider and is utterly useless. I’ve been promised a fix for almost a week, but nothing is done. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this shady platform.
    Edit: Don’t be fooled by the standard reply to this review, it’s been 3 weeks now and nothing has been done.

  14. +
    Many supported coins
    good protection

    difficult verification
    not always good support
    almost impossible to disable 2fa if lost it

  15. High trading fees and many hidden fees. If you did not put stop loss and lose 100, you will lose 200 in total, 100 will be for their processing fee. 99.99 %you will lose your deposit . Do not trade with them.

  16. These Guys decided to permanently block my account when I clearly did not violate their terms and conditions these company start out with a good reputation then over the years indulge in fraudulent activities and run away with people’s money. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM BINANCE THEY ARE A BIG SCAM

  17. I’ve invested thousands of dollars into binance cryptocurrency and have always heard binance is the top company platform to use. Unfortunately binance refuses to fix a trade glitch that took 39k and turned it into 16k in a flash. I’ve tried multiple times talking with them thru emails and they keep saying the system acted correct by taking 21000 dollars immediately and now refuse to make it right. Binance has lost my trust and has stole my money. Someone responded from binance on trust pilot still no change other than wasting more of my time. I was sold axl for 1.59. It was currently at .512 when I bought it. It has never reached 1.59 and costed me 21k. Thumbs down for binance. Crooks and basically get ready to loose your money if u trust binance cause it’ll be gone in a flash like they did me. How is it legal to charge nearly 3x over going rate that immediately takes 21k from your account.
    David Kirk
    I have opened the chat box then asked for live person 3 times now and they keep saying they will reply by email and to respond by email. I did this after u said too time before a few days goes by then again saying that the system acted correctly by charging me 3x the amount and taking 21k. I’d love to solve this I have done the live agent way 3 times now. I get reply saying your team will look into it, and everytime they keep saying the system acted correctly. I’ve sent numerous screen shots and they keep responding back after few days with same story system acted correctly I’m trying to figure how to attach binance reply and actual trade that glitched. Axl pegged to 1 million I’ve never even heard of this happening. This happened on 1/13/2023. 2643274 should be first case I’d. 75540690 was 2nd case I’d I opened.

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