Bithumb Review

Bithumb Review



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Address: 15~16F, 124, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Email: [email protected]

About company:

Bithumb Korea has emerged as the world’s No.1 exchange with high trading volume and has grown into the No.1 virtual asset exchange in the world since launching its services in 2014.
Bithumb has experienced the world’s best competitive edge and know-how regarding the establishment and operation of virtual asset trading and blockchain technology and plans on leading the future of digital financing platforms by bringing the world together.

High Trading Volume
Huge amount Trading Volume

Difficult for specific forces to manipulate the market, safe transactions can be made.

Protection System for Customer Asset
We provide the best protection system in the industry for our customers.

Abundance of Liquidity
You can buy and sell digital asset at the price you want.

Strong Financial Structure
We are the No.1 Trustworthy Exchange that you can trust and use.

24/7 Customer Service
We always try to solve customer’s complaints.

24/7 Security Monitoring
We protect our customer’s digital assets very safely.

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  1. 25.06 withdrew usdt trc20 coins and did not come. Support responds, wait handed over to the technicians. And the technology doesn’t seem to work at all. There are 30 of us who already have a transaction stuck. I do not recommend dealing with this exchange.

  2. I met one interesting person who said that he supposedly had all the necessary information that this Bithumb platform was indeed draining money from some clients. He said that they don’t particularly favor non-residents, because the exchange is South Korean, and there the legislation is extremely tough, so they always try to be on the alert, and if something happens, they quickly block accounts. This man lost over $8,000 when he decided he could open an account and buy BTC. As a result, I decided to refuse the possibility of opening an account on this site.

  3. I threw about $4,000 here, having bought Litecoin at one time, then also Ripple at a price of $0.22 per 1 coin. But when I decided to sell, then some problems began. The price jumped at such a speed that the order simply went down the glass, then returned to the top again, as a result, it was canceled for me altogether. Such problems with this exchange often occur, especially if there are any server failures. They said that all this is due to the huge influx of customers. True, such explanations do not suit me personally, because I am not just an investor, but a trader, so I need an adequate functional platform. Immediately with these glitches there are constant problems with trading

  4. I have said many times that if you choose a platform for trading, then you should do it as carefully as possible so that you are not banned there, so that your money is safe. And since I myself have been dealing with digital assets for more than 5 years, for me the issue of security is just the basis of everything! So I have a certain amount on Bithumb, but I’m afraid to invest more here. And in general, I’m thinking about leaving completely from here, since I had several incomprehensible price squeezes down here, this was observed in pairs with Ethereum and Cardano, and then also with BCH. They never explained what it was connected with and what kind of problems there were with the platform. I don’t like this kind of customer service.

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