Coinomi Review

Coinomi Review


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Coinomi crypto wallet allows you to store, transfer, exchange, sell and buy currency from any device in a few clicks. The multi-currency service reportedly allows transactions with 125+ blockchains.
List of supported coins
Coinomi is a universal wallet that supports over 507 digital assets. Among them there are both popular currencies and little-known, exotic options.
The short list of coins is as follows: Bitcoin; Litecoin; Ethereum; aoin; Aurora; balancer; Bancor; Bitcoin Cash; bitcoin gold BitcoinPlus; callisto; Dentacoin Dogecoin; IDEX; Monacoins Monero peercoin.
Exchange, sale and purchase of all currencies are possible in the options of your personal account. It is reported that additional exchangers do not need to be used.
How to use the Coinomi wallet
To start working with the wallet you need:
Download the application from the official website or download it from PlayMarket.
Select the “Create a new wallet” option.
Click “Create seed phrase”.
Copy and save the generated seed phrase in a safe place (this must be done without a passphrase, you cannot restore the wallet and return the money stored on it). Enter it in a special form.
Create a strong password.
Select the main cryptocurrency.
Confirm acceptance of the terms of service.
At the top right is the settings button, technical support options, information about the program. To transfer money, there is a “Receive” tab, where activated accounts are located. It is enough to copy the account address, transfer it to the sender to complete the transaction. And in the “Send” tab, you can enter the details for the outgoing payment. For instant transfer of all money from account to account, there is an option “Send the entire amount”.
The Coinomi app is convenient to use from mobile devices. The developers have removed minor options such as the Depth of Market, color charts, and decorative settings, which made it possible to make the program “light”, undemanding to the smartphone’s RAM.
Limits and fees Coinomi
Buying and selling limits are not specified on the Coinomi website.
The wallet has a dynamic commission. The cost of a transaction is determined by several criteria:
The amount of the transaction.
A queue in the mempool (the more operations in the execution mode, the smaller the percentage).
If the user does not agree with the specified commission, he can prescribe his fee amount by moving a little lower in the queue.
Coinomi developers claim the following advantages of a crypto wallet:
Multicurrency and access to almost all existing types of cryptocurrency.
Orientation to both computers and mobile devices.
Fast exchange transactions.
Possibility of anonymous storage and use of crypto money. All client data is encrypted.
Optimized internal conversion system. All operations are performed literally in one click.
Integration into the platform of exchangers, all currency transactions can be performed instantly without leaving your personal account.
Simple interface without unnecessary options and minor tools.
Maximum security and two-factor authentication system.
Backup operations.
It is important to read the reviews about Coinomi before taking the word of the developers.

4.6 based on 10 reviews

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  1. I had done a transfer of GLM (an ERC20 token) from a wallet to a Coinomi wallet, and it was showing a 0 balance after the successful transfer. I was kinda nervous because it was a rather large amount. I tried their support ticket interface, but it wasn’t working, so I tried the chat interface. I was able to explain my issue, and the Coinomi rep (Chris), explained I just needed to add the wallet again to see it. BOOM! Worked great. Thank you!

  2. I had a question, that got answered in less than 1 minute. Really great support. And a great and easy to use wallet by the way 🙂

  3. Great and very quick customer support. Absolutely the best wallet within the Crypto space. Thanks Coinomi.

  4. Wow! Chris saved my BTC life today. Yesterday I made a deposit and it never showed up and it was like my website just froze up and when i finally reached out to customer support after 19 hours, Chris helped me solve the problem in minutes. Well done.

  5. Chris was helpful and professional. Classy guy. 5 stars. Keep it up, Chris, and thanks again.

  6. This man has helped me recover my funds, which i never wouldve done on my own and has waited for my answers for more than 30min. Very greatfull i recieved geniune help when needed

  7. this company one of million coporated scam n steal you coin, becareful because i have not been respons for my ticket about my stolen coin

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