Duar Soft Review

Duar Soft Review


Website: https://duarsoft.com/

Phone: +357 25 108481

Address: Cyprus, Irinis 109, Limassol.,

Email: [email protected]

About company

Our mission

To provide the best service for our customers

At the Duar Soft we offer a wide range of products and the best trading conditions. We continually invest in innovation and company personnel to meet our customers’ needs by taking a personalized approach and providing high quality service.


Trade from Web or Mobile. Functionality, speed and availability according to your needs.

With our trading platform

01 Safe deals

Our trading platform is protected by strict protocols and advanced technical measures.

02 Protection against negative balance

This protection ensures that losses on trade transactions do not exceed the size of the deposit.

03 Integrated analysis

Variety of indicators, strategies and drawing instruments for detailed market analysis.

04 Intuitive interface

The platform is very intuitive and user-friendly both for beginners and professionals in trading.

05 Cross-platform

Allows you to trade on the go. Open the mobile version of the platform and trade online.

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4 reviews to “Duar Soft Review”

  1. I fell for this crap too. Now I have to sell the car. Don’t believe. It’s a divorce!!!

  2. Kitchen! From beginning to end! At first, they will call you and process for deposits, and then they will drain the money or they will not let you withdraw!

  3. I got scammed too, can someone tell me how to deal with this? Or to make sure that other people do not fall into their clutches!

  4. Sometimes they use the following divorce scheme: Often people are lured to the Duar Soft project – simply by calls and offers of big earnings on investments. They also use social networks, usually young girls are engaged in this business.

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