Eiler FX Review

Eiler FX Review

Website: https://www.eilerfx.com

Address:  [email protected]


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5 reviews to “Eiler FX Review”

  1. Another fake office that did not bother to work out its legend to the end. But they treat beginners well. Despite the frank divorce, positive comments can be found about the Eiler FX. This suggests that the swindlers are trying to skillfully whiten their reputation. I am sure that this is a 100% scam, so I did not advise contacting this office

  2. They talked to invest 5 thousandx, they were supposed to give trading signals, but they don’t fucking work. Stupidly leaked my deposit to nowhere. That I myself could trade at a loss. No, to be useful, they throw people at money!!!!

  3. This eilerfx office and these scammers should be crushed like nits. Sharashkin’s office, drew a platform. 200% divorce. When withdrawing money, they are asked to pay income tax, insurance, church fee, for the temple of the Buddha, for the synagogue, tax on water and air, for veterans, tax on everything, in short, must pay three times the amount of the withdrawal. International cybercriminals!

  4. Because I was a victim of this investment and had about 32000 Euros stuck in, I found it to be both upsetting and grating.I thought I had lost everything, but recently I was able to track and retrieve my lost investment capital with the help of an investment security company.I’m grateful for the opportunity to get out of this financial mess.

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