FBS Review

FBS Review

Website: https://fbs.com

Telephone: +357 25 313540 / +357 25 313541

Address: 89, Vasileos Georgiou Street, 1st Floor, Office 101, Potamos Germasogeias, 4048 Limassol, Cyprus


FBS is an international brand represented in the EU by Tradestone Limited under the business name FBS.
Independent companies united under the FBS brand are devoted to their clients and offer them opportunities to trade Margin FX and ᏟᖴᎠs. FBS always shares knowledge through free seminars, special events, educational materials and daily analytics. In addition, 24/5 customer support quickly resolves incoming issues. The average response time is incredible – less than 1 minute per request!

Traders (new and experienced) may benefit from cutting-edge trading tools and some of the best trading conditions. Clients can make deposits and withdrawals via the various payment systems, use a large number of trading instruments and access split-second execution of trades.

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  1. They blocked my Level up account after I have completed about 80% of requirements saying 2 accounts were opened on same IP. Those two accounts were to 2 people living on same household and therefore it was unfair to block based on IP/
    Scam. Stay away

    Currently Exness and Octafx offers much better service, much better and lower fees. Unlike FBS, exness and octafx doesnt charge fees on withdrawal.

  2. I did actually contact support, I asked for account termination and they asked hell a lot of info, that they already have. the orders execution delay is bad, and the UI is not really great, it has confusing instructions and some bugs. my experience was very bad with the app.however I will change my review to 2 stars because of your nice reply

  3. Their a scam broker tht does stop hunting I was trading CAD interest rates on the zero account and spread went up to 42 pips but it’s a zero accounts it’s supposed to have zero spread and I compared with 5 other brokers they were stop hunting first pushing price down 20 pips then pushing price up 80 pips compared to other brokers who only pushed price up its a total scam don’t trade with FBS you’ll waste your time and money I’ve send a message to the support to ask for reasons why and I have not yet received a reply yet

  4. Uncooperative platform, my deposit was rejected because of the minimum deposit due to $0.01 for account 231012843, and when I contacted support, he told me we do not have access to your money and your money is lost in the network

  5. really bad, and I don’t recommend trading on it. They executed my order 1000 pips below the current price during the news, while the other broker I traded with only executed 10 pips below.

  6. Promo for newbie is with limitations and it is so bad. I just want to learn trading but they cancelled my order because of limitations. I can’t test my knowledge in this bonus account. They suggest demo account but who will learn in demo account if its not real money you lose. I should level up.

  7. I was promised that I’ll get my money back, it’s been a very long time, and I kept on waiting for my money, nothing was given, then I reported the case to TRaDeRECovERY.ORG and I gave them the necessary information and i got my money refunded thanks to them

  8. I had a cent account with them, last Friday they widened the spread insanely for the gold I was trading. They manipulate the market in every possible way to steal your money. Stay away.

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