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ITinvest Review



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Address: 200 Pentonville Rd, London N1 9JP, Great Britain

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How does our company work?

ITinvest – it is a broker that helps people make money in the financial markets by providing them with favorable conditions.

As an international broker and working with clients from different countries, we understand that each person is unique and has their own values, regardless of whether they are a trader or a partner. When our team designs company services, we take into account the diversity of cultures, nations, trade experiences and the requirements of our clients. ITinvest offers several types of trading accounts with a wide selection of trading instruments, and everyone can find the most suitable one according to their own preferences.

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4 reviews to “ITinvest Review”

  1. poor support service. First of all, the company’s customers complain about the long wait for a response. They write that it is often impossible to urgently resolve important issues, which negatively affects the work with the site, leads to financial losses. Users also note the incompetence of support service representatives in work matters. Often, company employees get by with general, uninformative answers, so their consultations turn out to be useless

  2. constant problems with quotes. Users say that the site is not stable, does not provide up-to-date information for making profitable deals. This moment is very often covered in reviews of IT Invest. Users do not understand why there is a combination of IT in the name of the company, if software products are frankly lame and not in favor of traders

  3. high commissions on the derivatives market. They do not allow you to make profitable deals, as you can do with other brokers, so cooperation with the office in question does not always bring the expected profit

  4. The Itinvest project presented to its clients a rather cheap and absolutely primitive web resource, which is equipped with a number of rather cheap and useless visual elements, contains a huge amount of information water, and was also created in principle based on the use of a fairly common trading template, which is popular among such scammers, according to reviews on the site, and at the same time only proves the incompetence of this service, as well as its absolute lack of understanding of how a really successful and authoritative project should look like and what visual impression it should produce.

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