KuCoin Review

KuCoin Review

Website: https://www.kucoin.com/


The KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange has been on the market since 2017. The platform ranks sixth in the world in terms of trading volume. Supports transactions with more than 295 cryptocurrencies. And also with five fiats: USD, CAD, VND, IDR and CNY. The exchange offers spot, margin trading with a maximum leverage of 1:10, market and limit orders. The most popular cryptocurrencies in KuCoin are XBT, BTC, ETH. Commission policy of the site: trading transactions – from 0.005 to 0.01%, deposit and withdrawal of funds – free of charge.

1.8 based on 10 reviews

10 reviews to “KuCoin Review”

  1. Made a SEPA transaction, and almost two weeks there was no adequate support, and they did not process the payment as the banks confirmed that the transfer was successful.

    Don’t use those intellectually challenged.

  2. my login password is denied. I have changed the password multiple times and still will not work. The customer service has not reached back to help.

  3. Worst customer service I have ever had. 3 months I have been trying to access my account literally over 20 emails that have been either mostly ignored. Or the same reply a week later asking qfor the same information I have now sent over 10 times. 10 god dam times!!!!!
    I am out of pocket £1000’s because of this and how fsr the process has dropped since.
    Absolutely disgusting, nothing more than THEIVES!!! No excuse at all for taking 3 months and still no answer or even real engagement. I have raised 5 complaints, yet to receive an answer. THEIVES

  4. KuCoin sent my assets to the wrong network, without warning they would use a side network instead of the main network. They sent my assets to limbo. After submitting my ticket, they refuse to help. They updated their webpage to specify they’d use a side network days after my ticket. They then try to blame me saying I selected the network when I did no such thing. All attempts it resolve it are like interacting with a bot that just copy/pasted a standardized response to blame the customer.
    They then flagged my review as inappropriate or illegal. Wow…
    This exchange and its support system is a sham. Beware. Go elsewhere.

  5. Simply the best exchange these days.
    Deposits and withdrawals are always processed smoothly on my side, fiat and crypto both, and the diversity of tokens makes it the place to go to prepare the next bull !
    Beware though, diversity does not mean all these alts will go to the moon… a lot of research is needed !

  6. Easy to use, since i watched the videos from kucoin youtube on how to use their platform. And mroe interactive activities where i get money from trading.

  7. After reading the comments i will not use kucoin.

    With a 2 star rating kucoin can not be trusted,also seems like the rating is not important for them.
    People should share their opinion about kucoin on many places as possible.
    Then kucoin would actually start to care.

    Also importan to notice that the negative comments
    are more correct to the truth than a 5 star that only try to tell all positive sides. Please be aware of this.
    Always look for the amount of negatives comments.

  8. This exchange is fraudulent. I placed a sell order and it completed. An hour later I checked my balance, I was $1000 down. They reactivated the trade without authorisation and allowed my funds to drop to $300. My sale trade was cancelled by Kucoin. No refund given. Blatant theft. They said they are able to do this in times of high volatility to protect themselves. I have an email to confirm this.

  9. Kukoin – Grade A scammers.

    I opened a long position of 400$ with the market price at 12.51 AM UTC before the bitcoin pump. Kucoin, instead of opening a long position, opened 3 orders with “market price”, and the website stopped responding. I contacted support, and I got information that they have planned system maintenance at 1.10 UTC for 1 hour. They held my funds for over 3 hours and dumped my money in the market with a position of -110% and leverage -991x when Bitcoin crashed and liquidated me immediately -442.41$. They came back to me saying that I needed to set up stop loss and that they were not responsible. When they found out that I made like 40 screenshots and I had photo evidence of them defrauding my assets, they offered me 221 $ in trial funds which was a joke. They are manipulating they website to still your money. How many people get robbed and cannot do anything about it is shocking.

    I have photo evidence of everything that I’m saying.

  10. Customer service is very poor, unable to even understand my problem, let alone address it.
    Was told I had multiple accounts but no help given resolving the matter.
    Absolutely useless

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