Maxbeinvestment Review

Maxbeinvestment Review


Address:  15 Zurich Muhlebach, Dufourstrasse, Zurich 8008


Maxbeinvestment has been operating since 2022. Its office is located in Switzerland. The project specializes in attracting funds from private investors for subsequent investment in mining and trading in crypto-currencies. Maxbeinvestment offers four investment plans to choose from. The minimum investment amount is $100. Return on investment – from 4 to 6% per day. The investment period is 5 days.

3.7 based on 7 reviews

7 reviews to “Maxbeinvestment Review”

  1. I’m so happy about maxbe investment company, I was afraid at the moment I heard about it but since I started my investment there I’m investing with peace of mind and also being earning a good profits daily without any stories, I gave them 5 star🌟 I’m saying this to tell people that Maxbe is the best, good, safe and trusted platform to invest in with enjoy.

  2. I invested with Maxbe, but after a few days and before I could withdraw anything from that account it stopped adding profit. I was told by their support that my capital has expired and I need to put in a new capital. I do not understand- how does capital expire– without even a single withdrawal from that account- for that matter. Furthermore, I do not have a financial allocation to fund that account again from my pocket (with injected capital expiring in their system for that matter). My account had been generating 4% everyday, which has since stopped. I have requested a withdrawal, and it was rejected. I tried reinvesting the same money which is already in my account, and the deposit was rejected. So I cannot withdraw nor earn interest on this investment. I am deeply disappointed because I had great faith in Maxbe and had huge investment plans with them. I even have several people who are preparing to join Maxbe under me, who are still not aware of this horrible experience. My greatest wish is to at least just recover back my capital.

  3. Well Greetings online neighbors, Maxbe to me is a legit platform so far on the company for eleven months. So it’s a sustainable company with very strong security system.I will urge you to invest freely with and be careful of cheap spams companies online.

  4. Is good company
    Some investors are in hurry till get there money back
    When the money is till invested and haven’t meet the fixed date c

  5. Apologies for the misunderstanding
    We are here to clear the air
    Our company maxbe investment is out to make every investor their money and grow their money by investing wisely
    Like our head of publicity said
    She made a special invest that doesn’t allow her to withdraw until a certain period of time has pass
    But she wanted to withdraw early which is not acceptable by the company policy

  6. Great company to invest
    Tested and trusted
    Instant payout when your profit mature

  7. Pure scam, they take your money and start making dozen of unreasonable claims then stops responding at all!
    Promoted via random people reaching you via telegram

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