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Stoneacre Review


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Address:  Omega Boulevard, Capitol Park, Thorne DN8 5TX


Originally founded in 1994, Stoneacre is a family-owned business that has progressively grown to become one of the UK’s fastest growing and most successful car dealer groups.  We are proud that profits are retained in the business to allow for expansion and refurbishment of our premises to ensure that we have the latest technology and are able to adapt to our customers ever changing needs. This philosophy engages our teams which allows us to promote our company value of “careers for life”

We operate from 64 locations across England and Wales and have 137 franchise sales points representing 27 manufacturers. Specialising in the sale of new and used cars and commercial vehicles, the group also offers servicing, parts and bodyshop facilities.

We currently have over 2700 dedicated members of the Stoneacre team who share our dedication and passion to provide complete customer satisfaction. We are committed to developing our people, as we know it’s the best investment we can make.

Stoneacre Motor Group has had its own Ofsted regulated school since 2015 offering apprenticeships across all sectors and continuous professional development for all employees. Stoneacre Academy had its first full Ofsted inspection in July 2021 and Graded ‘Outstanding’ in every category.

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  1. We bought a Fiat Punto from Stoneacre in tameside and later when it had a pucnture, under the spare wheel we found paperwork showing it had been a hire car. They did not discolse this and will not enter into any conversation and juts refer letters to thier solitors – “buyer be ware”

  2. I bought my C5 from a Citroen and Fiat Dealership in Hyde. Although the original purchase of my C5 went smoothly and everything was done quickly, I soon discovered that contact after that would be quite poor. When I went to drive off in my C5 and asked for a demo of all the bits of peices on the car, the sales man said I don’t know, I don’t drive one? So I read the handbook and worked it out for myself. I also had not been given the spare keys to my car and after buying the car in September and making numerous phonecalls to the sales man to remind him of this, I called again to speak to the overall sales manager (this was now January). He said that he would get them posted to me as a matter of urgency, I never received them, I can only think they lost them and didn’t want to pay for another set to be cut.
    In the following Novemeber I decided that I wanted the trade my car in for an automatic C5, I called the dealership and was advised that they had one at another branch and would bring it over to Hyde but only if I said that I would definately have it, I said that I was not willing to make that promise, but if the price was right and the car was as described then I probably would have it. The salesman said that he would have to speak to his manager and never called me back!
    Although I really did like my Citroen I feel that the sales at this branch really do let the cars down. They seem to be laking in the customer service department in a very big way, I will not be contacting them again.

  3. Me & my girlfriend visited stoneacre rotherham a couple of days ago, it’s the first time i’ve looked for a car on finance and so didn’t know what to expect. We were greeted by a friendly guy who “wasn’t a salesman, just wanting us to find the right car for us” Anyways, they gave us a deal on a fiat grande punto, £500.00 + £138.00 p/m which was way over our budged but my girlfriend got giddy & decided to up the price p/m we were willing to pay (which i told the salesman first off we can only afford £100 p/m) & also asked for a deposit of £500.(we had agreed £300.00 max) They took the £500.00 deposit plus £60.50 tax before they’d even done a credit check on us, then we waited for the credit check to come through(we both have excellent credit, we bought a house 4 months ago)…..and waited…and waited, we had to leave in the end as the salesman said he’d had trouble with the cfinance companies and we had other stuff to do so we left (very luckily). To cut a long story short they phoned us back later to say we could only get finance if we paid another £500.00 deposit?? (this is a £4500.00 car)I said we couldn’t afford it & low & behold (after another 2 or 3 phonecalls) they lowered the payments to £101.00 a month & after another call they lowered the deposit to £300.00, we bought a car elsewhere & are paying a lot less for it & will stay away from stoneacre in the future, so will all our friends. Don’t deal with this comapny unless you’ve got a lot of unwanted money to throw away.

  4. I think buying a car from this dealer has been one of the worst financial mistakes I has ever made. Firstly the car I traded in had 11 months car tax and they said and I quote they have just changed the law so you are unable to claim back the car tax. First lie, after checking anything over 4 months is fine to claim back. Second lie, I didn’t want any of the extra rubbish they where trying to sell me and three times refused to buy any guarantees. We even shake hands on it. I was actually charged for it. Third lie, does the car has car tax? Yes we replaced it last week. In reality they hadn’t so I couldn’t drive my car for three days because they had the documents. When I came in the next day to complain about everything they said basically tough you signed for it too late. Looking at the other reviews this is not an isolated case and anyone else who did not put one star I suspect work for the company.

  5. I’d been hoping to buy myself a Fiat Grande Punto for some time and after having finally recovered from a broken ankle I decided that I would take the day off work on my birthday and treat myself to the car of my dreams (I am a man of simple tastes). I decided that I would phone around and see which dealers had the model and colour I was after, this being a 3door black 1.2 Fiat Grande Punto. I phoned Stoneacre Hyde and after having spoken to a member of their sales team I was told that they had a few cars matching the criteria I had set and that I should pop by to take a look.
    After a one and a half hour drive I arrive at Stoneacre Hyde and meet the sales team member that I had spoken to on the phone, who invited me in to discuss terms. We began to discuss the price and how I would be paying, and then I was offered a test drive. I was told that I would be test driving the same model but in blue (this seemed unusual as I expected to test drive the car I would be buying, but I went along with it). Then after returning I was led to the office again where we talked about completing the transaction.
    At this point I decided enough was enough and asked to see the car I was supposed to be buying and that I was unwilling to continue negotiations until I did. It was then that I was told that they did not in fact have the model in black and as a result the price was higher than that quoted in the newspaper advert.
    If I could offer any advice to someone planning to purchase a car it would be to completely avoid Stoneacre Hyde as they will treat you like a mug and will tell you anything to get your money. The experience led me to visit a Volkswagen garage where I was assisted by courteous and honest staff who completely outclassed Stoneacre Hyde.

  6. I went to pick my car up this morning from Stoneacre Goole Ford Garage, and when I was driving into the site, my car was being driven out When I asked where he was going they said they had to do a test drive which I thought was suspicious because it had gone in for an electrical problem which should not have to be test driven but checked with diagnostic equipment 20 minutes later the chap who was driving my car came back in carrying a back silencer box for a car, so I assume that he test drove my car to go and pick parts up. I think that this practice is under hand and should not be done I did not complain at the time because I don’t like confrontation but I have complained by phone to the main office SO IF YOU USES STONEACRE CHECK YOUR MILEAGE WHEN DROPPING IT OFF AND WHEN PICKING YOUR CAR UP Regards And don’t use Stoneacre at all

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