Stroud Motors Review

Stroud Motors Review


Phone: 027 384 2787

Address:  556 Kaikorai Valley Road, Dunedin

Email: [email protected]


Stroud Motors is a local, family owned and run car dealership in Dunedin, providing you with the knowledge and expertise to help you purchase your next quality vehicle.

As a customer-centric brand, we are shaping the way you invest in your next vehicle by providing competitive prices, a range of choices and customer service that is a cut above.

Contact us through our website or come visit the dealership for a friendly chat.

1.7 based on 6 reviews

6 reviews to “Stroud Motors Review”

  1. All of the cars on the forecourt are of a great clean standard and most have great low mileage, there is a large choice of cars to choose from, as yet I’ve not chosen one to purchase but was referred to this company by a friend who has bought three cars from them previously and has had excellent after sales service so I am keen to use Strood Motor Company to purchase my next car.

    When I visited the forecourt I found that the sales team were non pushy and very relaxed and were fine to let you have a browse around the cars and also to just get in and have a feel for the cars without getting antsy about making a sale.

  2. This must be the worst compoany I have ever dealt with. I enquired about purchasing a £14000 BMW. The man i spoke to was rude and gave me little information about the car over the phone. He said i Would have to come an see it. So i arrived by train (£30 fare) and was totally ignored by the 2 salesmen on arrival. I ended up approaching one of them, I told him who I was, he never once asked me for my name and treated me badly.
    Anyway the car was full of dents and scratches and the front colour coded bumber was completely out of alignment. I mentioned this to the salesman and his reply was ‘tough’ the price is £14000 with no warranty or any also there wont be any kind of car check and if you want the car to be properly repaired and safety checked it would cost you an extra £1000. I asked him why couldnt he knock off the repair bill off the asking price but he said ‘no way, no discounts’ the car was advertised for £14000 in Autotrader and on their website but on their forecout is was marked at £15500 (Talk about trying their luck).
    Was it so difficult for the salesman to mention the damage on the car to me over the phone, that would have saved me a whole day travelling for nothing.
    I wouls steer real clear of this company, terrible customer service and horrible company policy and their cars are not checked before sold unless you pay for it. Dont say you havent been warned

  3. I had a very bad experience with this company. I could’nt have agreed more with the reviewer above. The sealesperson was extremely rude. I have never came across such a bad vehicle company (strange policy and very rude salesperson). They seem to be reluctant to give information and wanted to get rid of the car which seemed very suspicious. I would advise against even viewing any cars and just go to other company. ANY im sure would be better than this.

  4. This has to be the worst trader i have ever dealt with in my 24 years in the motor trade,we travelled 200 miles to buy a car for the on screen price only to walk away because they would not sell us the vehicle unless we paid nearly another 400 pounds for what i said was wrong with it and a warranty that we did’nt want, this is both false advertising and against the law, i am suprised that trading standards have not shut this company down

  5. I havnt even got to look at a car here! Appauling customer service. Rung this morning about a car to be told ring in an hour, so i did to be told ring in 10mins so i did, to then speak to someone else who really couldnt be bothered to talk to me, wouldnt give me any information about the car and said he was busy and didnt know about the car as they have so many, ring tomorrow. I can’t believe how rude they are when they are trying to sell cars. All he told me was no cars have mot or tax, so cannot be driven away, for £500 you can pay them for it!!! £500 for a £30 mot!!!!!

  6. I can’t tell you how angry I am with this company they are rubbish. They kept me hanging on for nearly 2 weeks for a car to come in, turns out it was being resprayed. they never ring you back you have to keep ringing them back every day. I was told it was £5000 take it as it was or for £400 more you can have the warrentee, after waiting nearly 2 weeks I drove all the way down there with £5000 in cash and was told I couldn’t have the car for £5k, because he had an offer on the car with the warrentee. I said that I wanted to take it now and couldnt come back after it had had an MOT and service so he said “well you will have to pay the £400 and take it as it is”. I reluctantly agreed but then he said he could not take cash and I would have to go and get a bankers draft. That was the last straw I told this a–hole to stick his car up his ****. Dont be fooled with the cheap prices, it will cost you dearly in the end!!!! God only knows what the after sales service is like if buying the cars is this unpleasant!!!

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