Wilsons Epsom Review

Wilsons Epsom Review

Website: https://www.wilsons.co.uk

Phone: 01372 736 000

Address: Nonsuch Business Park, Kiln Lane, Epsom, United Kingdom, KT17 1DH


We are the largest family run new and used car supermarket covering Surrey, London and the South of England that has been selling cars for over 110 years offering our customers extensive choice, unbeatable value and a service they can trust in one location. We’re proud to represent elevent new car brands — Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Dacia, Fiat, Hyundai, Jeep, MG, Nissan, Nismo, Peugeot, and Renault — as well as stocking over 1,000 nearly new and used cars on site that you can browse online today.

We are always open to taking on new talent and are proud to offer jobs in Epsom to local residents. Interested in joining our team? Have a look at our careers page here

So, how did it all begin?

In 1904, Wilsons opened as one of the first driving schools in the UK. Florence Wilson and Howard Wilson saw an opportunity when a friend was fascinated by the new ‘»horseless carriage» he was driving, and they began offering driving lessons and later on started to sell cars. 

Florence Wilson was one of the first female driving instructors in the country.

In the 1920’s, during the First World War, the Wilsons taught Australians and New Zealenders to drive army trucks in London in an effort to beat the enemy! 

By 1930s, the second world war had ended and the number of car owners was increasing. Wilsons expanded and move on to a bigger site in Epsom

In 1946, Wilsons became the dealership with the largest self-drive car fleet in the UK. Most of the Wilsons children were taught to drive from as young as 5! In the 1950’s, Tony Wilson even taught CHILDREN to drive at school as part of a road safety campaign! 

In 1953, Wilsons became a franchise dealer for Renault, and are the oldest Renault dealership still in business.

In 1958, Wilsons started the FIRST global motorhome sales centre and through the 1960s and 1970s, Wilsons was the largest global motorhome dealership, trading as Wilsons Motor Caravan Centre. They were selling over 2,000 motorhomes a year! We even supplied motorhomes to celebrities like Steve Mcqueen!

In 1981, Wilsons opened a stand alone Van Centre at 101 East Street in Epsom. 

In the 1990s, Wilsons became a franchise dealership for Nissan and Peugeot, and in the 2000s we added Fiat, Vauxhall and Citroen to the Wilsons family. 

In 2002, Van Sales purchased a larger site and moved to the London Road in North Cheam, where they remain today. Loads of Vans are family owned and run by the Wilsons and are committed to supply the best new and used vans on the market. 

In September 2003, there was a fire in the Renault Showroom which caused damage to the Sales and Service departments. 

However, not being the type to backdown to a challenge, as early as April 2004, just 7 months after the fire, Wilsons were back up and running and just over a year later Wilsons was back to full capacity. Despite such a traffic event, the business survived and continued to function in a show of strength and adversity. 

In 2015 Wilsons added Dacia to the growing list of franchises, and in 2016 added Abarth, growing the FCA franchises. 

In 2018, the business expanded again adding Nismo to the Nissan franchise. 

In February 2020, the main showroom was completely refurbished and Alfa Romeo, Jeep and Hyundai were added to the franchise family. 

In January 2021, Wilsons launched a new website, with a buy online option where customers can transact completely online, buying cars using cash or applying for finance completely online, and having it delivered to their homes when convenient for them, driving the business forward digitally. 

In July 2021, despite the challenges from Covid-19, Wilsons added MG to the franchises. 

Now, Wilsons have 11 New Car Franchises, over 1,000 used vehicles in stock, a stand alone Vans centre and are leading the switch to electric vehicles in Surrey. The business continues to go from strength to strength and is a market leader for car dealerships, who knows what the next few years will have in store!

Choice, Value, Trust. Wilsons. Since 1904.

2.3 based on 7 reviews

7 reviews to “Wilsons Epsom Review”

  1. Was waiting over 2 weeks for my car that was meant to be ready- was not updated at all and had to do all the chasing. Would not reccomend at all unless you want to wait.

  2. I have visited Wilsons service department with my Vauxhall for the last few years and have been just about satisfied. However, on this visit I found it much more friendly with a nice mix of men and women . Very nice team keep it up guys!

  3. Not sure where to start to be honest, but was Miss sold a vehicle was told it had a built in Sat Nav on that it never did!! Tried telling us that they hadn’t said that when we brought it, Car supposidly had an MOT before leaving but the back lights didn’t work properly!! Exhaust temp gauge went within a week of having the vehicle the warranty i paid out for covered this not the garage. A couple of scratches were promised to be done before collecting the car but it had to returned as they didn’t do them, when we went to collect the car a coil spring went they agreed to do it but unfortunately they only did one side and guess what less then a week later the other side went but they refuse to pay out… The sales men are liars and the management are very arrogant and rude. AVOID THIS PLACE!!!!!

  4. I purchased a second hand but expensive Vauxhall Corsa. Within a week the front wiper blades split. Emailed the person I dealt with, the salesman how was going to look at it. Heard nothing back. Ignoring all my emails and calls. Am still waiting for MOT certificate, along with various other bits of paperwork. Avoid at all costs!

  5. I would strongly advise people to think before they buy anything from Wilsons in Epsom. Their customer service is shockingly bad, from the start everything was shambles. Firstly, they got the finance for the car wrong. You’d think for an experienced dealer they’d know how to correctly work out finance. Secondly, on collecting the car we had to wait 45minutes to be seen to even though we’d made an appointment. The car had next to no petrol in, the floor mats were missing and there were parts of the cars interior missing. Thirdly, after receiving the car we never received any of the vehicle documents. They had told us incorrectly about things to do with the finance, the car etc.. They submitted the registration document incorrectly to the DVLA which has led to lots of problems. Subsequently the sales man we brought the car from has now left and I am not surprised.

  6. absolutely useless. lack of professionalism and knowledge I waited 13 weeks for a new van on order . After this time they told me, sorry but the factory did not accept my order. But they can offer me something from the stock at the same price.Is this some kind of joke? I asked. They are not. For me, it’s like “pony instead of a horse race”. Their offering up to 10% did not cover what I want.In the end, they can cover my expenses associated with this mistake. After a week of waiting and a few phoncalls, they gave me back my deposit. Again cheated. Finally I ordered at the main dealer ,no problem.

  7. Since my last review of Wilsons my daughter’s Ford Focus which was serviced and MOT`d on purchase has just passed after a year with only one tyre on advisories.Also it has been very reliable along with my two other cars bought from Wilsons,so I am very happy having no extra costs to pay.I had great service when buying getting a free service and will visit them first when buying my next car.Thanks again Wilsons from extremely happy customer.

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