ActivTrades Review

ActivTrades Review



Phone: +44 (0) 207 6500 567

Address: The Loom 2.5, 14 Gower’s Walk, London, E1 8PY


About company:

From our humble beginnings two decades ago, our vision has always been to bring a range of different asset classes together and make them accessible to as many people as possible. This is the ActivTrades way.

Democratising markets, educating the public in financial literacy, and offering the ability to trade the world’s markets in an affordable and accessible way. We believe that trading is an activity that should be open to all and our mission is to level the playing field.

Excellence Across Markets

Since 2001, ActivTrades has been a pioneer in online trading. Initially we gained expertise in making FX markets available to retail traders, over the years we have expanded to include commodities, shares, indices, ETFs and bonds.
Today, ActivTrades prides itself on being a true multi-asset brokerage with unbeatable trading conditions and a range of value added tools and services for its clients.

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  1. I just feel like a fool. honestly. I got into a scam called ActivTrades. Here, remember this name, Here they throw money at money. This is not a trade, but a casino. At the same time, the casino is twisted by the broker as he needs.

  2. I thought I would have trouble with only one forex broker. but no, I got it again with ActivTrades. also hanging funds. do not output. 2000 bucks stuck here. Am I a Rockefeller to give money to everyone? it’s just some shit going on!!!

  3. I was extremely dissatisfied with the work of the ActivTrades broker itself, in particular, the work of the server platform, due to such slowdowns, there was an unpleasant surprise on one transaction that turned into a minus of 600 dollars. There is no mention of any compensation. After this incident, I firmly decided to leave and never return to these comrades.

  4. I have been working with the ActivTrades broker for several years. Before, everything was fine. Yes, not always there were favorable conditions for some currencies, the conditions were so-so. But for the last few years, I’ve been constantly on my nerves. The platform crashes. Either the assets disappear, or the execution slows down so much that it’s just a nightmare! I put a request for withdrawal – the second week goes on and there is no money. I hope all the same I will wait and say goodbye to ActivTrades forever!

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