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Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches – your reliable partner in the world of European cars. We specialize in acquiring cars from automotive auctions and delivering them to any part of the world. On our website, you will find all the information and resources to make the process of purchasing a car from Europe easy and satisfying.

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Website – n1.auction
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  1. Used the services of the company. Bought at auction and delivered the car from europe to Bahrain. Helped with customs clearance. Thank you!

  2. The main thing is that they have a lot of experience, a professional team and fast delivery times. The process is put on stream and all processes are debugged! The car arrived in 29 days from the date of purchase!

  3. On the advice of a friend, this company was chosen to purchase a car from a German auction. And it seems that he was not mistaken. My first car from Germany. All stages (delivery, payment, etc.) are clear and as transparent as possible. Paid 30% of the cost under the contract for the purchase of the car from the auction. All communication is online, cool!

  4. This is my second time using the company. And the second time the positive result exceeds expectations). Management at the highest level. Always timely informing about the timing and status of delivery. Accurate price forecast and excellent advice on lots. Well done!

  5. Love the work of these guys! Very knowledgeable and tech savvy. With their help, I got a really great car! Behind the wheel of the third month and rejoice! Thanks a lot!

  6. I personally picked up the car at the port of Jeddah, after inspecting and checking the documents, I paid for the car and delivery. There were no problems with the company during the cooperation.

  7. I received a scanned copy of the contract for the delivery of the car from the manager, printed it out, signed it and sent it back, also sent an advance payment. I didn’t expect to drive my Mercedes-Benz S400 so fast. Everyone is happy! Everything is just great!

  8. We bought a car very profitable for the UAE, we were waiting for a suitable option for a couple of days. Thanks for the quality work! Helped with registration.

  9. The company offers excellent prices for cars! Many of these companies have a delivery time of 3 months or more and require a 100% prepayment. Through this company, I pay 30% of the cost of the car and in 4 weeks I already receive it.

  10. I recommend the company for cooperation! I bought a car in installments at 3% per year. As he concluded a contract with the company, he transferred 40% of the cost of the car for the purchase of a car. The company did a great job!

  11. Service is great! Bought at auction and issued a car for me. The entire delivery period, which is 4 weeks, I was informed about the movements of the car in the direction of Brunei Darussalam. Respect!

  12. Going to their website, I saw that there is a very large selection and great prices for cars. Decided to buy one for myself. We chose the Mercedes-Benz S680 with the manager. I paid 40% of the cost and the next day the car was purchased under my documents. The installment agreement was concluded for a year at 3% per annum.

  13. We are very pleased that we contacted your company. We will recommend to friends and family! Bought a BMW X6m,2022,4.4

  14. After looking at the site and the reviews of those who have already used the services of this organization, they also decided to buy a car. I liked everything, excellent work, the car was satisfied. I will recommend you.

  15. I really liked that everything is online. I communicated with the manager through telegrams, made the necessary advance payments and payments related to the delivery of the car. Very cool company!

  16. I was very pleased with the cooperation! I ordered a Mercedes-Benz GLE53 hybrid car. Picked up quickly. All information was provided in real time. I paid the entire cost in usdt, as a result, it turned out even more profitable. Recommend!

  17. Having chosen a car and paid for it, in 4 weeks we took it to Abu Dhabi! We did not even expect that we would have it so quickly, while we ourselves did not solve a single issue, all documents, all issues related to the delivery of a car from Europe, the company was completely involved in all customs clearance issues independently, we only signed a contract for the provision services and choose a car)

  18. It was quite exciting, because this is the first experience of contacting such services, but everything went great! Definitely recommend and will recommend you!

  19. Hello everybody! Just yesterday I received a Mercedes-Benz G63)
    The impression of their work is only positive, everything is clear and clear, 100% transparent. Recommend.

  20. We talked via telegram, after which I finally decided that I would take a car with the help of this company. We signed a contract, paid an advance, after which we bought a Land Rover Range Rover. Very surprised by the delivery time. Delivered from Europe to Ed-Dammam in 28 days. Respect to such companies!

  21. Many of them buy cars and pay immediately. I did not have enough money for the entire cost of the car, it’s great that you can buy a car in installments, as it was with me.

  22. The car reached Kuwait quickly, in 29 days. Along the way, the car received photos of loading, parking at customs. After receiving the car and documents made the final calculation. Make no mistake in choosing a company!

  23. Thanks to the company for my brand new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT63! This is the second car our family has ordered through this company. Everything is super

  24. A very decent company, I knew for each payment where and for what I pay, the money is sent to the auction personally. I recommend the company! Well done!

  25. I contacted a company representative via telegram. The manager sent the contract remotely, I read it, signed it and sent it back. I paid the necessary amount to buy a car by SWIFT payment, and after 29 days they called me and said that my Porsche 911 was already in my city, you can pick it up. car pleases

  26. I was only required to transfer 30% of the cost of the 2022 Mercedes-Benz S680 for the company to buy and deliver my purchase to my city. After signing the contract, I did just that. The final payment was only when I took the car.

  27. My car was auctioned off and shipped to the port of Casablanca in Morocco. Great service! Upon receipt of the car, I was glad of her condition, mileage, equipment!

  28. Through the auction I bought a car for the first time, I was not mistaken with the choice! It is better to wait two weeks for your quality car than to buy in the domestic market!

  29. The managers in the company are sensible, they explain everything clearly. The documents were quickly processed, the fee was paid and the managers got to work. Paid the first installment (advance) in usdt. In general, they were satisfied. Thank you!

  30. I was satisfied with both the machine and the work of the employees, they provide quality service. Feel free to contact.

  31. The guys do everything in a timely manner and responsibly. I plan to take another car from the auction and deliver it through this company

  32. I bought it very quickly – after 8 days, as the contract was signed. From Europe it was still about 4 weeks, approximately. All issued, customs cleared. Everything is great!

  33. I really enjoyed working with the company. I turned to them for the first time, but this is the third car that I order from the auction, so there were no special worries, I have already studied everything.

  34. I fully paid for the car before loading onto a container ship, I was provided with all transport documents. The ship was in my port of Jeddah after 27 days

  35. it is more profitable to buy immediately through the usdt crypto. We completed the transaction quickly, the car was received soon.

  36. Hello, I want to sincerely thank your team for the third time. Once again I am convinced of the honesty and coherence of your team

  37. Thank you company! The car was quickly delivered and its condition clearly exceeded my expectations. Payment also went smoothly thanks to the convenient SWIFT transfer system

  38. Great job!!! Everything is efficient and fast. And most importantly, transparent and honest at any stage of cooperation, which is now extremely rare in the auto services market.

  39. A friend recommended this company, after contacting decided to buy. Everything went smoothly and quite quickly. I bought a car at an auction the very next day. I paid an advance payment for the ransom and paid the remaining amount for the car before loading onto the ship and sending it to me! Logistics is excellent, delivered in 29 days

  40. I want to thank the company for helping in the purchase and delivery of the car. The car arrived on time. I was satisfied with the work of the company and I advise everyone to buy through them!

  41. I paid for the car with usdt cryptocurrency. As it turned out, everything is very simple and convenient. I can recommend to everyone.

  42. The bid at the auction played quite quickly – a little more than two days, another 29 days and the car arrived at the port of Casablanca

  43. A good, reliable, honest company is a pleasure to deal with decent people. Thank you so much for providing transportation for our family!

  44. We received the car a week ago – everything is fine, the condition is simply excellent in all respects. In general, everyone is satisfied. Thank you!

  45. I signed an agreement, paid 30%, the rest after the car was bought and sent to the port for loading and sending to me as the owner, at that moment I paid the remaining amount for the car. And I started waiting for the delivery of my Mercedes. By the way, 4 weeks have passed since the purchase. Respect guys!!!

  46. I found it, bought it, and the company took my car out of the auction and delivered my Audi A8 to the port for loading. The car came in the same condition that was originally stated in the auction sheet.

  47. I paid for the car after providing me with transport documents confirming its readiness for loading onto the ship.

  48. Thanks to all your team for your work. It’s nice when people are really interested in the fact that the client was satisfied with the result. Supported and prompted at all stages of the purchase and delivery of the car. Thank you!

  49. We paid an advance payment, and the remaining amount of the calculation was made after the purchase and sending the car to the port. The car was received on time.

  50. Completed the deal yesterday. Satisfied with the work done by the company. As a result, the car was purchased cheaper by 30% of the market. At the same time, he spent the minimum of his personal time. I recommend!

  51. The experiment of purchasing a car at an auction turned out to be a complete success. Remote contract signing was incredibly convenient. After making the down payment, I eagerly anticipated my car. The remaining amount was paid, and the car was shipped to me on a ship.

  52. The process of buying a car at an auction was very comfortable. Remote contract signing went smoothly, and payment through SWIFT transfer felt secure. A down payment of just 30% was required, and after paying it, my car was on its way to me. Settling the remaining amount, I eagerly awaited my car. The 24-day delivery period was met, and the reception at the port went without any issues.

  53. The car, despite being used with mileage, is in perfect condition, which pleasantly surprised me. I’m grateful for that.

  54. My relationship with this company goes back several years. The service is always top-notch: polite, professional, fast, and comfortable. I can’t help but recommend them.

  55. My car was purchased through this company, and I’m thrilled! I’m proud of my purchase and very satisfied with the cooperation process.

  56. They provided me with photos of the car I purchased, as well as the necessary transport documents. Before shipping to Cairo, I made the final payment via SWIFT transfer.

  57. We bought a car from Europe through this company half a year ago and were able to deliver it to Egypt in 26 days, which was a great result.

  58. I made a purchase of a car at an auction remotely and cooperation with this company turned out to be ideal. I was able to conclude a contract at a distance, which was very convenient. I made an advance payment and the car was bought and prepared for my shipment. Then I paid the remaining amount and the car went to me on the ship. Great car buying experience!

  59. The most optimal choice is a car from Europe. The price and quality meet my requirements. I paid 30% of the car’s cost, and the remaining amount was paid after they provided me with the transport documents. The car was sent to Saudi Arabia after loading. Thank you.

  60. Thanks for the fast delivery of the car from Europe to the city of Barcelona. I made a prepayment to buy the Porsche 911, 2023, 2.9 from an auction, and then I paid the remaining amount for the car when it was already purchased. All expenses for the car amounted to 173 thousand euros.

  61. Thank you very much, they helped me pick up the car, made a purchase at the auction immediately in my name. Mercedes-Benz AMG GT53 in excellent condition, maximum equipment, thank you!!!

  62. I decided to treat myself to a birthday present and bought a Bentley Bentayga 2022, 4.0. Thanks to the entire team of the company!

  63. First time buying through them. Bought a Ferrari 296, 2022, 3.9, the car I had been dreaming of for a long time. I paid €238,000 for it. In the UAE, the ship with my car arrived 28 days after the car was taken from the auction.

  64. I’ve been enjoying the car for 3 months now. If the question of updating my car arises, the choice will be obvious – I will turn to them!

  65. Contacted the manager, they respond promptly. Bought a Mercedes-Benz G63, 2023. It turned out to be a successful purchase, and I’m happy.

  66. Clear organization, reasonable prices, polite staff, and no extra charges. I purchased the car on an installment plan. I can recommend this company!

  67. I needed to buy and deliver a Mercedes-Benz G63 from a European auto auction. To do this, I signed an agreement with the company and 29 days after payment I took my car in the port of Jeddah

  68. We found the company on the advice of friends and were not mistaken. Bought a 2021 Audi S7. When the car arrived at the port of Jeddah, everything was already done for us.

  69. 4 weeks passed from the moment the contract was signed to the receipt of the car, the terms are adequate, other similar companies have a delivery time of 3 months.

  70. Everything is organized, according to a predetermined plan, a detailed photo report, further payment and waiting, I didn’t wait long, they did it in two weeks. The car was brought by autocart to my city of Abu Dhabi.

  71. The company brought me an Audi Q8, 2023. We discussed that the payment would be made from a legal entity through SWIFT transfer. It’s been a month, and I am very pleased with the car!

  72. Leaving a review at the company’s request. I purchased the Richard Mille DIZZY HANDS watch. They delivered my purchase on time, and the watches bring me joy. The pleasant price is a significant plus! I also bought similar watches for my business partner!

  73. I processed the purchase of a car at the auction immediately in my name. Ferrari Roma, 2021, 3.9 in excellent condition, fully equipped. Thank you!!!

  74. Before buying, I studied the market and realized that it’s better to buy at an auction, and the best place is in Europe, as car prices there are significantly lower than in Dubai. I made the right choice with the company! I will recommend them!

  75. I’m satisfied with the car and the delivery time, they managed it in 28 days, well done. I got exactly the car I wanted to buy. The brand, model, and configuration fully meet my desires, would love to see more companies like this.

  76. I paid a 30% deposit when signing the contract, received a loading report and transport documents, and paid the remaining amount after that. The delivery on a car carrier took 29 days, and the process was well-organized. I even used USDT cryptocurrency for payment, which was a convenient and fast method. My new car is a work of art, with each detail reflecting style and quality.

  77. Everything went well. We received the car. Transfers were made using a crypto-exchange, paid with USDT cryptocurrency. Thank you

  78. We discussed the terms, signed the contract, and entered the auction. I chose the car within a day, and now it’s on its way to Abu Dhabi.

  79. I received what I bought in a reasonable time and for a reasonable price. The whole process from the moment of purchase took about 4 weeks.

  80. The company helped us successfully remove the car from auction and I am grateful for their professional approach.

  81. This is the second time I have used their services. They have never let me down. Yes, there are sometimes problems with the deadlines, but I don’t think it depends on the company. The managers are very attentive, always answer all questions, and are in touch almost round the clock.

  82. I recently decided to buy a car through this company. And, to be honest, I have never regretted it! All stages of the transaction, from choosing a car at auction to its delivery to my city, were as comfortable and easy as possible. The оформление of the transaction and the transfer of money were carried out online, which is very convenient. And the car itself arrived in perfect condition, fully corresponding to the description.

  83. Prices at car auctions in Europe are significantly lower than in Dubai. I bought a Mercedes E63. All payments for delivery, as well as for the car itself, were made in the cryptocurrency USDT. The company has fast delivery.

  84. This experience of buying a car at auction in Europe was truly excellent. Remote contract signing and payment via SWIFT transfer went smoothly without any surprises. My car was delivered exactly on time and in perfect condition. I am very pleased with the result!

  85. I dropped the link to the car to the manager of the company, after 4 days I paid for the car. After 4 weeks the car was in Oman in the city of Muscat.

  86. It took about 4 weeks to purchase/delivery from the moment I contacted them. For me, this is not much, I was preparing to wait more in order to meet the budget. Satisfied with 100%!

  87. a competent electronic contract, prepayment, purchase, delivery, payment for the purchase upon receipt of the car – everything is at the highest level! Thank you!

  88. We signed a contract, made a deposit, and then purchased a Mercedes-Benz GLE63. Delivery to London was successful. Respect to such companies!

  89. After analyzing car prices in Europe and auto auctions in particular, I decided to purchase my Mercedes-Benz S63, 2023 model year, taking into account the company’s successful experience in helping many clients choose good cars.

  90. I chose this company to purchase a car at auction and was pleased with every stage of the process. Remote contract signing and payment via SWIFT transfer were convenient and transparent. My car simply looks great!

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