BitMEX Review

BitMEX Review


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The BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange is registered in the Seychelles and has been successfully operating on the market for over 5 years. Its daily trading turnover exceeds 3.5 billion US dollars. The site is designed for professional traders and is considered one of the best for margin trading. A distinctive feature of is that the maximum leverage for BTC is 1:100. Eight currencies are available for trading: bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, cardano, EOS token, litecoin, tron and ripple. You will learn more about the site in our review. How to trade on BitMEX? Registration on the exchange To create a profile on the website, you only need to specify your first name, last name and email. A link will be sent to your email to complete the registration. Users are not required to verify by sending passport scans and proof of registration. Judging by the reviews, such loyalty does not affect the security of transactions and capital storage.

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  1. Trading volume on BitMEX is more than the trading volume of top 10 exchanges together (BTC/FIAT or BTC/USDT).
    BitMEX is not regulated / audited. The owners (or insider) can easily manage that manipulation.

  2. I used to login daily to make test transaction. I invested a small amount, I was only trying to see how they work

    One day I could not login. Tried resetting password, but did not get email. My account simply dissapeared. I used to get notifications about my orders, but none anymore from that day.

    Tried making new account with the same email – not possible.

    I think they have some purge of small accounts and keep email addresses to reject future accounts.

    No support at all

  3. It’s a sophisticated trading platform with great liquidity and useful features. It offers extremely good security, quite good customer support, and a simple sign-up process. Privacy advocates will prefer its lack of KYC identity requirements.
    The only real disadvantage is the significant risk imposed by highly profitable trading. Beginner traders and those who just want to buy a few bitcoins should probably choose a different exchange.
    For experienced investors and those who want to perform complex strategies, this is a great choice.

  4. BitMEX belongs to a network to carry out operations as a cryptocurrency exchange, she has a main silk in HongKong, she has more than 5 years offering the services to exchange, this has a high probability of operations which has a large selection of assets. When users want to carry out any type of operation and transfer of cryptocurrencies using BitMEX, they will get commission. The exchange has been very successful since this tube has a high volume of transitions in recent years, very high with liquidity in each of its operations, the volume of transactions per day was more than 8.16 billion US dollars.

  5. This exchange has a trading desk that ptotects the exchange from risk. Thus if you put any kind of position in play over 1000 pounds they will move market to manipulate you. You can actuallt manipulate them to liquidate you while counter tradibg your own pisition as a hedge as their behaviour is that reliable. However often price moves on mex are often not reflected on the main market as seen often on xrp. You neef to stay well clear of this exchange. You are trading agaist an in house trading desk that can spike price anywhere. When i close mu acciunt they tried to access the exchange i withdrew using same email and password. Thankfully i use different passwords and never use 2fa with mex as you are undermining money on other exchanges. Mex was part of the cowboy first wave of unregulated exchanges aling with bitconnect et al. There are much better options now. I mean even if it were not a scam there are no coins on offer and you can not trade tops and bottoms as they cut the servers. This exchange is a scam. You have been warned.

  6. Bitmex is a cryptocurrency exchange that primarily deals with the exchange and trading of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and a few more coins. I used to trade on this exchange a long time ago, but I stopped doing so for a variety of reasons. Bitmex, on the other hand, featured a lot of good features, even better than some of the other exchangers I’d used in the past.

    * Transactions are completed quickly: Bitmex was known for its quick and secure transactions. Most of the time that I traded on Bitmex, I was able to finish my transactions in under a minute. As a result, I am confident in stating that Bitmex provides one of the fastest transactions in the cryptomarkets. Ease of Registration: Nothing attracts a trader/user more than an exchange that offers simple and quick enrolment. This was the scenario when I used Bitmex; registration was very quick and simple, and all I needed was an email and proof that I wasn’t from the United States.
    * Bitmex traded the many coins I dealt with: As a trader, I had my own area of expertise; I normally trade Litecoins, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, with tron thrown in for good measure. The minimal costs levied by bitmex were largely responsible for the incredible liquidity I experienced. Liquidity is a critical feature in distinguishing one exchange from another.

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