Bitrue Review

Bitrue Review


About company:

Bitrue is a cryptocurrency exchange that launched in July 2017. The trading floor was registered in Canada, but over time the company opened additional offices in the United States and Singapore. The US and Southeast Asian markets are a priority for, but traders from Russia can also work on it. We bring to your attention a detailed review of the Bitrue cryptocurrency exchange, consider the capabilities of this exchange and customer reviews about the company. Site review Since the cryptocurrency exchange is aimed at users from America and Southeast Asia, there is no Russian-language interface on the site. Traders who know English well will be able to work on the stock exchange. The main page of Bitrue contains an overview of the latest news and company announcements. In particular, in December, the platform introduced the possibility of borrowing, added 30 new trading pairs with Ripple, and also announced a drawing of 240,000 XRP.

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  1. Its a joke , u can buy a coin but if its raise like 200 procent u can not sell it until its drops almost to the price before..
    If u take contact there always say “ oh u can u send some screenshots, we shall look directly “ but they never do ..
    Its a great joke , the app and the service ! I think i will move everything to binance ASAP

  2. I was looking for a place to exchange Permission (ASK) to USDT. Around $80 worth of it. I saw Bitrue is allowing you to exchange it.
    Long story short, it was easy to sign up for an account, everything is clear, everything went smoothly, I could exchange the ASK to USDT and get $81 for it.
    The withdrawal took 5-10 minutes or less, it was quite fast. I had nothing wrong with the site.

  3. Logged in one day to find my alt coins had all been traded into BTC. Also they had started to withdraw to an address somewhere else. I emailed them 3 times explaining that my account had been hacked. Had no advice or help whatsoever. We made all the necessary security updates and changes ourselves. What we didn’t understand is that usually we have to use Google authenticator to trade and make withdrawals so how did they mange to do all those transactions. Maybe an inside job? A shocking service. No help at all. The worst exchange we’ve ever dealt with.

  4. Bitrue is a scam exchange. Don’t use them anymore. I mistakenly send funds using the wrong tag. They see the funds there but refuse to send my money. I show them a video of all the requirement they needed. Lot of different excuse. If your need to buy crypto avoid there exchange at all cost. If there was a star less than zero I will give them a negative. I gave them all the video requirement. Funds are clearly mines.

  5. Bitrue is scam. There prices are not reflecting market price. Theire prices depend from their user that what they told me. So they manipulate the price against the user because you can not know or check the correct price. Your wallet is going only down although the price of the coins are going up. I sent them an email with screenshots and everything and i never got a reply. Be careful do not use Bitrue, they will steal your money

  6. Do not deposit on bitrue. Scam exchange. I deposited token on bitrue with correct address but did not received on bitrue wallet. Try to located missing deposit but they want charge me 1000usdt for refunded my token that worth only 10++ usdt. Worst ever exchanger

  7. They are charging a hidden fee in a very strange way. For tokens that have high circulating supply they will remove a hefty amount when you move tokens to the exchange!
    Worst experience every – I deposited Doge and with each deposit, they’re charging/looting as much as they can!
    In my calculation they take 10% per deposit whenever they can get away with it!

  8. Now you know these people scam every so often because to many people are saying the same thing. Then they have the nerve to steal your money bad look for exchanges can’t wait to SEC get ahold of Bitrue. If a person deposits and show you the deposit address From your site then it should not be a question

  9. I was a bit concerned with all the negative comments on here. But decided to try out Bitrue anyway because of its high withdrawal limits with no kyc. Overall experience was pretty flawless. Only thing that hurt was the withdrawal fee for the particular crypto I was trying to buy and withdraw.

  10. Bitrue has stole my funds after freezing my account about 2 years ago with funds worth over 10,000$ (now around 3,000$)
    I couldn’t withdraw, trade or do anything.
    Finally they unfroze my account but to my surprise all my funds are gone!!!!!
    That was due to me trading n-degree arbitrage which is against their terms of service.
    I specifically asked many times what exactly i could not do because there is arbitrage and also n-degree arbitrage. After not getting any replies unfortunately I continued violating their terms of service and got my account frozen.
    Yesterday they unfroze my account and said they took the amount of funds which I profited while taking advantage of their system.
    It should have been around 150-200$
    But they took 3000$ away from my account!!!!

  11. Fraudulent bunch, if i didn’t set up my appointment with above company on head line for a refund, they wouldve lost all my money

  12. re cou pcart “ justi fied the scam by this company made my re fund possible online after my terrible experience here. Beware of this people I’d have lost 40000usdt.

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