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eToro has been operating since 2007. The company has offices in several countries around the world. Supports trading in securities, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, precious metals and other assets. Has licenses issued by the government of Cyprus and the UK. The minimum deposit at eToro is $200. Supports margin trading with a maximum leverage of 1:30. The exchange has a social trading service.

10 thoughts on “eToroX Review”
  1. Etoro claims to be one of the fastest growing companies that deliver access to binary trade to the client at any level, yet we are still able to record some losses to this binary option company. You may need to report your scam to HICKSCONSULTANCY172 AT GMAIL DOT COM and let one of their investigators consult you on what to do about your lost funds. The management of this company private detectives will protect and professionally handle your case from financial and emotional damages caused by all sort of binary trading company and managers.

  2. I lost my savings in a couple of days, they just disappeared. I was very angry and looked for ways to get my savings back. I was helped by funds-recovery(club). They did everything well. They can be trusted

  3. The disrespect you’ll get from these bozos and slippery capricious rules will make you very afraid for your funds! STAY AWAY!

    How is it that after being approved and funding my account with my checking account, their “woke” children demand the front and back of all my credit cards or they’ll FREEZE MY ACCOUNT? F-them!

    And, why did the SAME Crypto make money on other trading platforms but CONSISTENTLY AND MYSTERIOUSLY LOSE MONEY on etoro.

    I guess their “devil horn” logo should have clued me in. Now I have to •wait• several days to get my money back — but they sure •TOOK IT• with zero delays. CRIMINAL MORONS.

    What’s eToro’s ticker so I can •sell them short•?

  4. Don’t open account at Etoro. They are $#*!ing on the money. Let me tell you how, when you buy on it on US site they charge you the fee for example 300 dollars to buy, when product rise they taking more out of it by selling on 60 cents for less than the price was 2.90 ($5655) I bought when real price was 2.60, sold for 3.14, when real price was 3.74. Its very bad web trading web site.Don’t deal with them. They will really $#*! you on the money. They got more than 900 dollars on one buy and sell order.

  5. MATTDUNHAM928 at GMAL. Com is helping bitcoin scam victims recover scammed cryptocurrencies from scammers. Find out how;

    An Australian invested a sum of $ 203,800 in cryptocurrencies. Thinking that you had increased your initial investment from $ 203,800 to $ 391,650. This felt so good as the investment grew rapidly in just a few weeks. When it was time to retire and his withdrawal request was denied, he realized that he would never get his money back

  6. My account was limited because I made deposit via my friends credit card (because card details were saved and it took money automatically), They asked me to upload some documents, which I did, but after that have passed already more then 3 weeks and they keep saying wait and thank you for bearing with us.
    I need my money and I have no more time to wait!

  7. As far as I know they don’t charge for trades but they take a. 75% spread. I’m not sure why they chose to structure their fees this way because it seems less transparent to users. I don’t have a problem with the fee (it’s not the most expensive but it’s also not as cheap as Binance, Coinbase pro, Gemini Active Trader etc) but again I’m not clear on why they structured it that way.

  8. Nothing but scammers. Why wouldn’t they allow us to make a withdrawal? Also their customer care is very useless. I’m glad I found really helpful reviews which pointed me to a certain recovery expert.
    They solved my problem completely.

  9. I had a partner account which is now closed
    I have outstanding balance of 250$ in affiliate commission
    And they don’t want me to send it back!

  10. I am really impressed with how fast you trade on the site. It’s so easy to make money here. You can start making money on this platform weekly without any stress.

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