Huobi Review

Huobi Review


Phone: +7 (999) 768-68-28

Address: Moscow, Presnenskaya embankment, 6, p.2

Email: [email protected]

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8 reviews to “Huobi Review”

  1. Chinese scam, bought an alt, was not allowed to withdraw even after kyc. Am swedish. Stay away

  2. this is the worst crypto exchange. I have a fully verified account, KYC all done properly. Also I used it in the past, now recently I transferred some eth to huobi and they don´t let me withdraw anything. I sent them screenshots from my other verified account where I purchase the eth, also fully verified using my regular bank account, screen shots from my bank account making the transaction, every day I have to send them something new already for more than 7 days. Hopeless. It is just robbery.

  3. I have a fully verified account, KYC all done properly. Also I have been using this exchange for months now and never had any issue.. now recently I deposited some ETH and suddenly they decided to suspend all my withdrawal options and asked me to justify that the funds a legal.
    I sent them screenshots and records from my other verified account where I purchase the ETH, also fully verified account, and they stopped replying me for 7 days now.
    Every morning I contact their live chat, but they always say the same thing: “sorry for the inconvenience, you will get a reply within 24 hours”, and I never get any reply…
    Please, anyone has a solution to my issue ? Is it a good idea to hire a lawyer in this case ?

    I decided to create a Telegram group “t . me / HuobiSCAMMED” to discuss how we could create a collective action against this big scam, together we may be stronger. So please join !

  4. Sent a crypto deposit equivalent to $65. USD.
    Apparently it was not big enough so they are “not able to refund or return it”.
    Blatant thievery.
    I made the mistake of NOT looking up trustpilot ratings before I sent this transaction.
    check huobiscammed on Telegram

  5. Terrible platform, customer service does not speak English, they use a translator and come up with weird things while chatting to them, it takes longer than 10 mins for response even it’s a live chat

  6. I purchased USDT via their P2P service and transfer doge coin from Coinhako to Huobi global. My USDT and dogecoin disappeared on my Huobi account. Tried to contact support@huobigroup .com and they just ignored my email. I tried to trace and USDT but there is no hash ID provided by Huobi. Think it is all a scam. The P2P service actually is a way to transfer all the risk to seller and buyer. Huobi is not liable for anything if Huobi fraudulently transfer your cryptocurrency to their pocket. Stay away from Huobi global or Huobi sg (feu international Pte Ltd).

  7. I was doing P2P trading with Houbi for a while (maybe 6 mons), I was trading/posting frequently except last month wherein i was inactive. On 17 July there was this one seller who sold me me his crypto. After I paid the seller using his provided payment info, he claimed that he has not received the payment. I raised a dispute and provided valid video proof, conversation, receipts, emails from bank support on multiple occasions confirming the successful transfer of funds, the seller would just deny receiving the payment and Huobi will just then see it as my responsibility to again talk to my bank. I mean Huobi support can’t determine who’s trying to scam who. This is what’s happening righ now, bank confirms funds received, seller denies, bank confirms funds received, seller denies, bank confirms funds received, seller denies. It’s been in this non-sense cycle for almost 2 weeks now.
    It’s easy being scammed in this exchange, all the other party has to do is deny the receipt of your payment and you’re screwed. This serves as a warning for anyone who plans to register with Huobi, STAY AWAY FROM HUOBI unless you want to waste your money and time talking to their support.
    If any of Huobi employee’s reading this now, here’s the transaction number 998110193416384512 in case you think I’m just making this thing up.

    Update: it’s more than 3 weeks now, it’s still not resolved. Still going around in circles. Support says the seller has provided a proof but seller claims he could not find the telegram channel of Houbi to send his proof. This is the most incompetent support I have ever known. How did Houbi support even claim to receive an updated video if the seller could not even connect to Huobi support in telegram?

    Update 2: A lot of emails of useless repetitive instructions from Huobi. A simple ticket took them 40 days to resolve.

    Conclusion: Worst customer support. If you value your money and time, go somewhere else. If you’re a scammer, this is the place to be.

  8. beware of email spams from huobi, my email is always clean from spams like for 10 years, after joining huobi, my inbox are filled with random spams like AIRDROP NFTs all the while. in that case, they also spams newsletter without the unsubscribe option, for example email domain from etc. in the other words, they sells your information. take it serious just incase if you dont like your personal detail being exposed.

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