Notaryus Tarasov Vladimir Viktorovich reviews

Notaryus Tarasov Vladimir Viktorovich reviews

Tarasov Vladimir Viktorovich has been engaged in notarial activities since 1999 and is a member in the Moscow City Notary Chamber.
Vladimir Viktorovich has the status of the current: an order under number 113-n of 10.03.2004 on the authority of the notary of the city of Moscow, which is engaged in private practice of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation for Moscow and a license for the right to carry out notarial activities (issued by the Office of Justice of G. Moscow under the number 000954 dated 02/18/1999).
Notarial services:
Real estate alienation transactions
Family and legal contracts
Corporate legal contracts
Other contracts
Other one -way transactions, will
Power of attorney
Other notarial actions
Notary deposit. Ensuring evidence
Registration of notifications about the pledge of movable property
Executive inscription. Storage and issuance of duplicates of documents

+7 (495) 721-11-49
Moscow, Lane Sivtsev Bolivek, 44/28
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2 reviews to “Notaryus Tarasov Vladimir Viktorovich reviews”

  1. This notary was extremely rude and had a condescending attitude. They made me feel stupid for asking questions and seemed annoyed every time I needed clarification. I would never trust someone with such poor customer service skills.

  2. I had a very unprofessional experience with this notary. They were disorganized and seemed to be rushing through the process. I found mistakes on my documents afterwards, which caused me a lot of inconvenience and additional expenses.

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