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Oleksandr Slobozhenko is an eccentric even for the well-worn community of Ukrainian IT swindlers. With all his appearance, he shows that he “earns” millions and bathes in luxury. In fact, this is an organic element of attracting “partners”. However, there is one circumstance: now it is not fashionable. Now it is fashionable to show their involvement in the defense of the country. Colleagues lost sight of the fact that Alexander Slobozhenko was by no means stupid and at the very beginning of the invasion he ordered a post on Russian Z-channels, which told in a terrible secret that Alexander Slobozhenko and his Traffic Devils were almost a secret weapon of Ukraine in the fight against aggression. After that, Slobozhenko quite reasonably considered it possible to continue his ordinary life, trading in illegally obtained traffic, selling it right and left, including to Russian casino players.

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  1. Terrible place to work for low grade arbitrageurs. I do not advise anyone. I worked for 4 months and did not receive any mountains of money, as promised. Slices + low rates in affiliate programs. They position themselves as a top team, in fact, a complete bottom. They work directly with 1 2 advertisements, which will cut everything off for you at the end of the month. The salary is issued after 2 months. Slobozhenko will probably say that the review was written by competitors.

  2. A dirty hole led by a stutterer Binyakov who doesn’t know how to speak, let alone manage a team. During the interview, be sure to [censored] how everything is fine with them and will send you for a polygraph. Percentage grid: you will receive 50% of your traffic, but not today Salary: always on time, after 2 months of work (if the cashier is not sick) Attitude towards employees: comrade Binyakov loves his subordinates very much: “What are you such a hard worker [censored] I [censored] don’t know, I just fit in here out of a pull” A salary of 15,000 rubles for a closet under the roof is enough, you can take bread from the pigeons Team: [censored] everything that is poured successfully, rat and [censored] to each other.

  3. I do not advise anyone to apply!
    At the interview, you will be shown a grid for a buyer up to 40% of the profit on hand. But in fact, you will earn 10% of the profit or just a fix of 15,000 rubles. There is no infrastructure, bad accounts, terrible additions, eternal secrets and deceit from the authorities.
    At the end of the month, you will definitely be cut off from 20 to 100% of the poured and they will say that the advertiser refused to pay the traffic (of course, they will not provide you with any proofs) – as a result, for all your efforts in a month you will receive $ 200.
    Teamlead – it’s useless to approach him, he will say something unintelligible, remind that the company needs profits and send him to work further. His main goal is to make money, how are you doing, he does not care at all.
    If you want to earn from 200 to 800 dollars a month, then this is the perfect place. Only the head of the branch and the chief will make money here.

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