CoinsBank Review

CoinsBank Review

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About company:

Crypto exchange CoinsBank comes from the UK, or to be more precise, from Edinburgh (Scotland). Previously, it functioned under the name BIT-X. The project was launched in April 2016. CoinsBank specializes in trading Bitcoin and several popular altcoins. Among the available fiats are the euro, British pounds, US dollar and Russian ruble. In addition, on this site you can purchase a prepaid card (prepaid card). The platform is not overloaded with functionality, so the site interface is simple and understandable. Access to trade is open to citizens from 197 countries. However, you will not find any other language other than English here. For greater convenience, mobile applications for IOS and Android have been developed.

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  1. I tried to exchange BTC for ETH yesterday. Transaction went through (11+ confirmations last I checked) on their site, but I never received the money in my ETH account.
    I emailed, but no response. Care to respond?

  2. It is a scam.
    They have been helping themselves to my crypto with bogus monthly “account inactivity fees” of $40 a month. No notifications or emails or anything. I now have zero crypto in the account.
    The site should be closed down.

    Edit in response to CoinsBank’s Reply:
    The account maintenance fee was added recently and without notification to users – as can be seen from the listing on Web Archive .org form 6th June 2017.
    [unable to add link to web. archive .org]

    Either way, completely unethical and should be shut down. I will never use them again.

  3. Today signed up in my account after 6 months, and saw that they withdraw $800 in bitcoins from my coinsbank account, 0.01 btc I bought in 2016, for inactivity, withdrawing $200 per month without any notification. If they can access your accounts that way and transfer funds to their wallet, they could steal anything from you. DO NOT hold any cent there.

    Real scam. Very disappointed.

  4. CoinsBank are thieves.

    I bought 2 Litecoins for my wife in 2017. They stole everything as “inactivity fee”, because she was just holding her assets.

  5. They have stolen hundreds of pounds from my account telling me that because i dont log in enough times that its my fault. No other exchange does this and i explained i am holding the assets so there is no need to log in every week but they dont care they just want to screw you over big time. Disgusting thieves i hope them and there families get what is coming to them.

    Reported to National Crime Agency. Iv had enough now.

    Over the last few years more people including myself have had our holdings accounts on this exchange completely emptied by company under the guise of “inactivity fees”. No other exchange does this or has these types of trading fees aside from coinsbank and it was not in the terms years ago until recently. It is actually common practice to hold assets for trading for more than 1 month and they are charging these inactivity fees on a per month basis usually emptying hundreds of pounds from the users accounts in a matter of only a few months without a single warning to the user that they are about to be charged. If you do not have fiat stored on your account then they will go ahead and sell your assets that you have been holding in order to pay this ridiculous fee again without every informing the customer. Iv found many others that they have done this too here

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