HitBTC Review

HitBTC Review

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About company:

The popularity of digital money is growing every day. There are different ways to get the desired coin, but it would be best to use the services of professional trading platforms. The list of honest companies includes the world-famous exchange HitBTC. The platform is in the lists of trading luminaries of the crypto space. She has a long history and vast experience. It appeared on the market in 2013 with a starting capital (in the form of investments) of about $6 million. Information about the work of the company often appears in the media. Articles are published in Finance Yahoo, Cointelegraph and DigitalJournal. The exchange has created its own product – this is a highly functional API. The idea has concentrated a maximum of usefulness for the site developers.

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11 reviews to “HitBTC Review”

  1. This bitcoin exchange is a scam. They take money with a lot of fees, then they don’t answer when you need something. It has been a month and I’m still waiting.
    You should never use them. Except if you like to get robbed.

  2. Why does it takes sooooooooooooooooo long for a withdrawal???
    To make a deposit it goes quickly…

    Address: 32FhfWqmjsmBsgyB24D6c3da8GZWJTNMVp
    Transaction hash: 71d2f2d3a1fa8dadc4d9170c3cbacc6d8567751aea98f05f1663c112b7536094
    Operation ID: 74b9afd7-1895-4d81-ad06-f39ad9a5f720
    Date Created (+01): 03/01/2018, 20:11:33
    Date Updated (+01): 03/01/2018, 20:11:33

  3. I cannot stress more to my fellow traders, this is the worst exchange I have ever dealt with. Complete and utter chaos and no support. Withdrawals are shockingly slow and deposits can take up to 18 days. This site needs to be shut down.

  4. I bought pre, which I thought was presearch, but turns out it was some coin called premine. This exchange deceived many people and promised to refund the btc as presearch tokens but has yet to do so. They offer no assistance, no support. I never get answers from this exchange. It’s a HUGE SCAM. STAY AWAY


    customer service help is the worst I’ve ever come across and all i need is a new authentication code..

    avoid these at all cost

  6. The website UI and the general mechanism are unusual and take to get used to.

    That’s not why I’m giving one star. I am giving one star because the withdrawal fees are way too high and chaotic (for example 100 USD for Tether). On top the customer support is the worst I ever experienced, HitBTC managed to just ‘lose’ a deposit of mine worth over 10.000 USD due to a systems change. For almost half a year all I’m getting are assurances that I will get by deposited coins and that they are ‘in the process’ of retrieval.

    Unfortunately, even if they someday manage to retrieve my token, they are worthless by now.

    Problems like these seem to be common around HitBTC so I would never again trust them with bigger amounts of money.

    After exactly 121 days they managed to recover my funds and credit them to my wallet. Thay failed to also claim the Airdrop that got delivered to the address and did not reimburse me for the loss of 95% I had to suffer, due to the now worthless token.

  7. Impossibe to withdraw USDT despite assurances from the support team. The only way is to convert to other crypto and withdraw.

  8. Nobody works at Support Center. There are automated replies only.
    They have no forum, no chat support, no support assistants. Nothing.
    If you have some problem, you can get no help at all.

    I think all positive feedbacks here are FAKE.
    Read negative feedbacks only and you get an idea of this Exchange.
    Stay away.

  9. Hitbtc always announces airdrop and forks but hardly deliver. Still waiting for ignis airdrop, bitcoin god and monero V. Also their fees are so high. Not recommend.

  10. this company has blocked my account! Ticket #290389 I lost all the money! do not mess with them! I will delete feedback only if HitBTC unlocks my account

  11. The problem is that there is a two delay or more on getting your money/coins out of hitbtc because of the whitelist. Nobody will put up with holding a clients money. So, I don’t think the company will survive with a policy that restricts clients withdrawal of funds. Until the whitelist issue of restricting client funds is resolved I’ll not keep any funds on HitBTC.

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